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Once you've checked in to the hotel, you don't have to enter the exciting world full of African animals, adrenaline experiences and trips on your doorstep.  But it wouldn't be quite the same without taking a ride through the African Safari and petting one or two of the creatures while spending the night at Dvur Kralove Zoo, would it? Well, if you do keep yourself to yourself in the hotel room, just don't go telling anyone at home about it.

Experience programmes

Experience programmes

We offer a number of special experience programmes  designed to bring you all the sights and smells most visitors only are not privy to. Book any of them right at the hotel desk or using the convenient booking form .

Off-road safari

Off-road safari

Imagine just you and a reliable guide alone amongst herds of animals, enjoying a trip in an off-road safari vehicle and a genuine African meal on your return. Experience an early evening in the midst of creatures on the Serengeti grassland. Get within arm's reach of a zebra and let it steal your breath away.  There is the additional bonus of getting a DVD on the zoo as a special gift.

Go to the zoo website to learn more about the off-road safari 

Off-road safari CZK 790 per person
Off-road safari & dinner CZK 1,290 per person

Book this experience programme right at the hotel desk before 3 pm on the day in question or by using the booking form .

Evening safari

Evening safari

Take in the spectacle of an African twilight. Watch herds of rhinos, zebras, giraffes and antelopes at sundown from a safari bus. Meet the lions and cheetahs lurking in the gathering dusk. Get ready for something that cannot be matched anywhere else in Europe. When darkness falls on a warm evening, it is the closest you can get to being in Africa without leaving the Czech Republic. All this at the lowest possible cost.

Go to the zoo website to learn more about the evening safari 

Full fare 165 / 155 4
Reduced fare1 100 / 95 4
Family fare2 490
Children's fare3 40 / 35 4
Dogs4 30
Hotel guests 10% discount
Special group safari 11,990 / bus

1Reduced fare: Children 6-15 | Students with ISIC card | Senior citizens above 65 | Disabled individuals (with relevant card) | P/M guide
2Family fare: max. 2 adults and 2 children
3Children's fare: Children 3-5
4Dogs: only easily controlled dogs on a lead
5Group discounts: for 15 paying persons or more.

Book this experience programme right at the hotel desk before 3 pm on the day in question or by using the booking form .

Get a behind-the-scenes tour

Get a behind-the-scenes tour

You can get closer to the wildlife than you ever thought before, meeting animals eye-to-eye, as well as getting to feed the elephants, smell the giraffes and learning trade secrets about the sea aquarium. Discover the best the zoo has to offer by taking an insider's tour in the company of a guide, enabling you to access all areas. Select a behind-the-scenes visit to various animal houses or just one in particular.

Go to the zoo website to learn more about the behind-the-scenes tours 

1 stop 5 990
2 stops 7 990
3 stops 9 990
4 stops 11 990

Book this experience programme right at the hotel desk before 3 pm on the day in question or by using the booking form .

African Safari

African Safari

Sense the magic of Africa. Taking an African safari could make a visit to Dvur Kralove Zoo that extra bit special. Why not top off the day in style? This is a truly authentic experience, the closest thing to driving through an African wilderness and watching herds of zebras and antelopes roaming freely around you without actually going to Africa. Our hotel guests get this experience free of charge.

Go to the zoo website to learn more about the African safari 

More services and experiences

The experience programmes outlined above are not all of the adventures you can enjoy at the zoo. Our hotel desk personnel can help you out in other ways, be it by offering advice, arrangements, bookings or recommendations.

Trips around the neighbourhood

There is a wealth of places to explore and experience even in the immediate environs of the hotel. Naturally, the zoo is the best place to get started.

Within a radius of 20 km

Dvur Kralove nad Labem , Pecka Castle , Josefov Fortress , Zvicina Hill  with its tourist chalet and unique view of the Krkonose Mountains and foothills.

Within a radius of 40 km

Babiccino udoli (Grandmother's Valley) and Ratiborice Castle , Nachod Castle , Opocno Castle , the Adrspach-Teplice rock town , Cerna Hora (the Black Mountain), and the Krkonose  Mountains (the Giant Mountains).

Fancy a swim?

In the summer, feel free to use the hotel's pool or visit an open-air lido called Tyrsovo koupaliste  in Dvur Kralove n/L.  

In addition, there are indoor swimming pools and aqua parks in Trutnov  or  Jicin  open all the year round.

Staying in winter

Take a tour around the zoo during the day and go skiing in the evening. The skiing centre of Skiareal Cerna Hora  is a mere 35km away. The five-star resort offers well-maintained ski slopes, night skiing, as well as cross-country routes. If that's too far for you, the nearest ski slope is just 10 minutes away -  just go and train your skills at the Zvicina  ski centre close to the hotel.

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